During the conflict between the Serbians and the Kosovars, I was in South America.
Over there, the media were not really interested in what occurred elsewhere, me, either. I had another concern. I did not even know where is exactly Kosovo, who are Kosovars and why this war? It was my first time that I heard this name.

While arriving to Europe, the Serbians ones had already left Kosovo and Kosovars were back. One did not talk about it any more.

One Monday of February 2000 around 4 p.m., I arrive at Pristina, with a series of vague ideas, absurd information and worrying. I felt nervous, stressed. I did not know what awaited me.

… Despite everything what I imagined, it was not necessary for much time to me so that I feel myself well in this city.

These photographs are not the answers to my questions but the scenes, which I did not expect.